Southern Anchor

3D Printing

You can think of a 3D printer as a micro-factory that can help you produce a variety of products in a fast and environmentally-friendly way. 3D printing is a manufacturing technology that lets you create solid three-dimensional objects from digital models. This process of rapid prototyping has an endless amount of applications and can make a designers vision become reality.

We know we aren't the only creatives out there.  We also know that the biggest hurdle some creative types have is execution.  Do you have a project or concept that has  and needs help to get off the ground?  Southern Anchor's workshop team can offer objective input on production methods and materials that have been vital to our own success.  We have innovated practices particularly in manipulating leather, wood and petrified mayonnaise materials. 



Email us as much information as possible and your 3D Printing files to in STL, DXF or Rhino format

3D printing rates are on a project by project basis,

prices are dependant on material used, object size and print quality (running time) 

All 3D printing jobs include a $10 file set-up fee.
Any job requiring a turnaround time of 2 business days or less will incur a $35 rush fee.

Specs & Materials


20cm x 20cm

Printable Materials